Transforming Workforce Management at WITRON

WITRON, one of the world market leaders for highly automated logistics systems with its headquarters in Germany, initially faced critical challenges while independently implementing UKG’s Workforce Management Application across various international locations. Recognising the complexities involved, WITRON engaged Simms & Associates (S&A) to assist with their planned rollouts. As we joined the project team, our focus was on bridging communication gaps between the head office and the different countries, addressing process inefficiencies, and establishing a structured implementation plan.

Throughout the collaborative effort, we encountered challenges arising from attempts to employ a onesize-fits-all configuration for different countries. Leveraging our expertise in multi-country deployments, we successfully navigated these challenges, ultimately enhancing the integration of UKG Dimensions and improving time management practices.

"The invaluable guidance from Simms & Associates has not only improved our systems and processes but has transformed our approach towards workforce management, laying the groundwork for a more collaborative and efficient future."

WITRON urgently needed help to systematically roll out its global time management system, including project management and technical support. The aim was also to help colleagues on the ground and convey an understanding of the UKG (Legacy Kronos) system.

Simms & Associates engaged in extensive collaboration with WITRON through regular meetings, on-site visits, and comprehensive solution walkthroughs. We emphasised the importance of structured planning, best practices, and the involvement of all key stakeholders, ensuring the alignment of the implementation with the company’s overarching business strategy. Additionally, we advised the establishment of a systematic issue-solving mechanism and the automation of manual tasks within the system.

"S&A has improved our team’s confidence in the system and encouraged active participation from the headquarters. We now have a better understanding of our past missteps and can gradually work on building a stable core HR Systems & Processes team."

S&A was also able to contribute to a much better and more intensive collaboration between the country teams. WITRON plans to implement UKG in other countries in the future gradually. In doing so, the requirements are to be jointly and clearly defined from the outset, and a systematic project plan drawn up.

"Bringing in Simms & Associates not only solved our immediate challenges, but also put us on the path to a more streamlined and efficient workforce management approach. The collaboration happens on an incredibly equal footing. We now feel like we are working with friends."

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