Kwenta is the solution you can count on for real-time data on your customer occupancy. Track when and how many customers are visiting your store, restaurant, or hotel through your customized dashboard. Accurate, real time, traffic data allows you to identify trends and forecast accurately, so you can improve scheduling decisions, task assignments, budgeting, and more.

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Kwenta is a lot more than a simple traffic counter. She’ll tell you how you can manage your capacity in shops, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels..

More than a traffic counter

Count on Kwenta to..

Drive decisions with data

Using advanced tracking technology, Kwenta will monitor the number of people coming in and out of your business, revealing your traffic trends through real time data. At Kwenta’s most advanced level, your data is fully integrated into your WFM system to enhance forecasts, calculate conversion rates, and provide insight into trends.

Follow the rules

Kwenta can help you and your team comply with ever-evolving regulations by easily changing occupancy percentages according to the latest government guidelines. Track occupancy levels on a digital screen to clearly indicate to your customers when it is safe to enter your business. Clearly communicate when you are near capacity, when a wait is required, and when it is safe to come in.

Deliver solutions

Kwenta is a scalable and affordable traffic counting solution. No matter the size of your business, we can customize our solution to give you the data you need – fast.

Give you the tools to make better business decisions and manage in the moment

At Kwenta’s most advanced level, data is integrated fully into your WFM system to enhance forecasts, calculate conversion rates, and provide you insight to trends.

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