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We are a premier global partner in UKG Workforce Management and Human Capital Management Solutions since 2016

  • We are a result-driven UKG premium partner with unmatched Workforce Management and Human Capital Management expertise and certified global teams across UKG products.
  • Our comprehensive services cover the entire project lifecycle, from requirements analysis and change management, through configuration and user support, to post-project evaluation and continuous improvement.

UKG Pro Workforce Management

UKG Pro Workforce Management optimizes workforce scheduling, time tracking and labor management. This advanced solution aligns employee availability with business needs, streamlines payroll processes, and offers robust labor analytics for insights into productivity and costs. Additionally, it ensures compliance with labor laws through automated policy enforcement and real-time alerts. By enhancing operational efficiency and employee satisfaction, UKG Pro Workforce Management empowers organizations to:

  • Optimize workforce scheduling
    Ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time.
  • Automate time and attendance tracking
    Accurately track employee hours and attendance, streamlining payroll.
  • Leverage robust labor analytics
    Gain detailed insights into productivity, labor costs and workforce performance.
  • Ensure compliance with labor laws
    Automatically enforce company policies and receive real-time alerts to stay compliant.

UKG Pro Human Capital Management

UKG Pro Human Capital Management (HCM) covers all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement. This comprehensive platform integrates HR, payroll, talent management and employee experience tools to build a productive, engaged, and satisfied workforce. Key features include streamlined recruitment, accurate payroll processing, performance management, employee engagement tools and learning and development opportunities. UKG Pro HCM enables organizations to:

  • Streamline recruitment
    Efficiently manage job postings, applications and candidate communications.
  • Ensure accurate payroll processing
    Guarantee timely and precise payroll calculations and distributions, reducing errors and increasing compliance.
  • Manage performance
    Track and evaluate employee performance to support growth, development, and informed decision-making.
  • Enhance employee engagement
    Utilize tools to boost employee satisfaction, engagement and overall experience within the organization.

Our UKG software implementation process

We involve you in every step of the UKG software implementation process. It all starts with defining clear objectives and preparing your data for a seamless transition. We create a customized configuration strategy, working closely with key stakeholders to ensure the software perfectly aligns with your unique needs. Through extensive testing and incorporating user feedback, we ensure the system is flawless before full deployment. Finally, we offer comprehensive training and change management to guarantee a successful and smooth adoption of the new UKG software, empowering your team to achieve new heights.

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