Transforming Workforce Management at a Major Energy Company

In the fast-paced world of energy, one major company embarked on a journey to enhance its workforce management practices. This energy giant had recently implemented a new Workforce Management (WFM) technology and was gearing up for the implementation of a labor management system alongside it. Amidst these changes, a newly formed central team took ownership of the system and workforce management performance, including their existing responsibilities for overseeing process and productivity improvements.

Furthermore, the company had recently undergone a significant business transformation and restructuring program, resulting in a bottom-up review of roles and organisational structure. While these changes were underway, the need for clarity in detailed role scopes and responsibilities became evident. The company recognised an opportunity to identify and standardise workforce management best practices, encompassing not only technology implementation but also a structured change management approach across the entire organisation and country.

Pain Points

The energy company faced several challenges:

  • Lack of Role Clarity: Ambiguity surrounding role scopes and responsibilities within the central team and between other central functions and operations hindered effective collaboration.
  • Payroll Issues: Root causes of payroll issues were difficult to identify and address due to a lack of visibility.
  • Improvement Opportunities: Opportunities for improvement within WFM and the technology system were unclear and needed to be surfaced.

Achievements Through Process Review

The company partnered with Simms & Associates to undergo a comprehensive Process Review, resulting in remarkable achievements:

  • Clarity in Workforce Management: The review shed light on the workforce management operating model, including people, processes, and technology. Recommendations were made for adjustments in role scopes and responsibilities.
  • Identified Improvement Areas: The review identified areas for improvement, encompassing operational usage of the system by managers and central reporting and performance management processes.
  • Clear Recommendations: Simms & Associates provided clear recommendations, including initiatives covering people, processes, and technology improvements, their dependencies, expected benefits, and a recommended roadmap.
  • Guidance for Technology Investment: The review offered guidance on the subsequent labor management technology system investment. It ensured that requirements were well-defined, target ways of working were understood, and that the business case and benefits were robust and achievable.

What Makes This Project Stand Out

This transformation journey was marked by collaboration and partnership:

  • Collaborative Approach: Simms & Associates worked closely with the existing team, fostering open conversations and trust in the relationship.
  • Holistic Review: The review encompassed a holistic dialogue with multiple stakeholders, resulting in a clear overview of the workforce management operating model. It also provided direction on how to improve performance for both the central team and operations.


This case study showcases how the energy company, in partnership with Simms & Associates, successfully navigated the complexities of workforce management in a dynamic industry. By addressing role clarity, identifying improvement opportunities, and providing clear recommendations, the company is now better equipped to excel in its workforce management practices, driving efficiency and performance across the organisation.

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